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The Keith Dominick Band




A Picker (Rick) and a Grinner (Keith)Scottie hittin' the skinsKirby (Pete) Lester bangin' the Bass

The Keith Dominick Band


Here are some reviews of the band:

"Great looking bunch of boys!" Ronnie Milsap

"They were too loud!"  Helen Keller

Hey, y'all !   Welcome to the website for the Keith Dominick Band!

If you click on the News link, you can see where and when we are picking.  Come out and see us when you can. (But don't request nothing new) We like to stick to the songs we know. A little Bocephus, a little Waylon, some Cash here and there, some Hag, Paycheck, Jones, and the southern rock songs that our mama's raised us on.

If you click on our Products link to see our hats, t-shirts, and other memorabilia, you will see nothing as we are sold out of everything. We will get more stuff soon. (I've been saying that for about a year now)

Thanks for stopping by the site and we hope we'll be seeing ya!


Contact Information

If you want us to play for you or just say Hey, email us! I'll have somebody show me how to get to it to read it.                     Keith

Electronic mail
Email us at: